LTCU Visitation Rules (Effective 5/17/21)

  • Residents who are fully vaccinated may choose to have ANY visitor in their room.
    • Visitors must wear mask unless proof of being fully vaccinated.
      • Fully vaccinated visitors who prove full vaccination status prior to visit may take off mask once in the privacy of the resident room.

  • Residents who are not fully vaccinated may continue to have any of the following visitors in their room:  spouse, sibling, children, and grandchildren.
    • Any Visitor not in the above categories may schedule a socially distanced visit with any resident who is not fully vaccinated through the activity director.
      • Jami Snook- 620-492-6250 ext 161 or
  • All Visitors must wear a mask for the duration of the visit.
  • Fully-Vaccinated residents may leave the facility for any outings.
  • Unvaccinated residents may leave the facility for any outings but may be subject to quarantine and testing protocols based on the outing as determined by DON and infection control.

All visitors must be screened prior to entrance into the facility. 

All visitors must wear mask in common areas, halls, etc.

All visitors should practice good hand hygiene and use hand sanitizer upon entering our facility, while in the facility, and upon departure from the facility.

Visitors must remain in the resident room or designated place of visit at all times and should socially distance from others when in passing.

Any visitor unable or unwilling to maintain required precautions will be restricted from visitation.

Any questions or concerns please contact:

Alyssa Thompson, RN, BSN
LTC Director of Nursing
620-492-6250 ext

Please click the link for instructions on how to connect with a resident, or patient with visitation restrictions, via Zoom.   

The Stanton County Hospital price for COVID-19 diagnostic testing is $100.00.  There may be additional fees should your provider request additional testing.  

Stanton County Family Practice is Offering Telehealth Visits During the COVID-19 Emergency.  Please call 492-1400 for an appointment.  Follow this link for the Medici App.    

For the Latest Information Regarding Coronavirus:

Coronavirus Self-Checker

KDHE Coronavirus Page


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